How to tie a necktie


“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”

by William Shakespeare

Think about a man who doesn’t know how to tie a necktie and choosing the right necktie? How much is his chance with a classy woman or in a management position? Neckties are an essential part of a man’s life and necessary for a civilized, professional image. Societies have dressing codes and dressing style of a person conveys a social message to other members of the society. Therefore to tie or not tie is NOT the question. The right question is ‘How to tie a necktie?’

While women enjoy limitless accessory choices, poor men struggle with just a piece of cloth around their neck, which is one of their most important accessories. It may be a fun for women to see some men trying to make a knot in a clumsy way or wandering around with askew neckties or some with too long or too short ones. But how many women would not be affected by seeing a man with a neatly knotted silk necktie and a fancy suit? Neckties indicate the class of man and his sense of style.

Tie to Win

Although some men hate tying a necktie, feeling as if it is a hanging noose, it is a symbol of power, masculinity and success. What a necktie for a man is what a pair of high heel shoes is for a woman, uncomfortable but necessary! All these accessories and styles are invented as weapons in the power games between man and woman as well as in the business life.

Therefore every man should know about tie knots (at least the basic ones) and learn properly how to tie a necktie. Matching a shirt and tie is another skill you need to learn. It is important to know matching striped ties, paisley ties, polka dot ties and other tie patterns with a shirt and suit.

Tying a necktie is not a kind of torment. Enjoy it, follow the tie fashion and learn how to tie a necktie with How to Tie for success.